Star Diving CentreDelma Marine Diving center is recognized by Padi organization as a 5 star Diving Center and provides the Following Courses:

This is the first certificate to train the diver on the basics of diving, equipment and basic water skills, and also allow the diver to dive to a depth of not more than 18 meters.

Duration: 1 Week

This course is considered to increase the skills of the diver, allowing him to Extend his diving depth to 30 meters. He will be skilled in navigation under water using a compass, searching for objects underwater using many methods of research. Lifting objects to the surface with different weights using a lift bag, deep diving skills, Wreck diving skills and maintaining a perfect buoyancy underwater.

Duration: 3 Days

It’s a very important course to be taken at this point to take charge and take responsibility to save others life’s when needed, and the skills of this course is refreshed annually.

Duration: 2 Days

It is an advanced course that increases the confidence of the diver himself, where he can take responsibility to rescue himself and others on the surface and underwater under any circumstances, and it’s done by 10 skills, on the surface and underwater, and how to save a responsive diver or injured or unresponsive diver if necessary.

Duration: 4 Days

It is the beginning of becoming a professional diver, through which he can assist a diving instructor in teaching other divers in theoretical and practical exercises, he also has the ability to guide underwater divers and become the leader of a diving group, also obtain also of knowledge about dive sites, meteorology, mapping and many diving aspects.

Duration: 1 month